Chapter History

Monserate Chapter was founded on April 15, 1972, by eighteen daughters (see list below for names) in the Fallbrook, California, area. From its inception the chapter goal was straightforward: to honor our Revolutionary War patriot ancestors.   In addition, it was an unwritten objective of the charter members that all efforts would be made to encourage the development of leadership and culture within the existing membership, as well as all future inductees. Historian Hubert Bancroft once wrote, “Strength is with the cultured.” The charter members believed that there was no better way to promote the ideals of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution than to enhance the strength of each local chapter.  It was so thought in 1972, and the tradition continues to the present.


Our chapter took its name from the 13,000-acre Mexican land grant given in 1846 to Ysidro Alvarado.  In 1795, Padre Juan Mariner searched the area for new mission sites. A Spanish soldier with the expedition named the mountain Monserate because it reminded him of Montserrat, a craggy mountain in his native province of Catalonia, Spain. Fallbrook is now located in the area originally known as Rancho Monserate. The name Monserate appears on various streets in the Fallbrook area such as Monserate Hill and Monserate Mountain Trail.


Initially, the founding members held the chapter meetings in their homes. As the chapter grew and membership increased, it became necessary to find more suitable locations. The Monserate Chapter has grown from the original eighteen Daughters to over seventy-five members. The chapter now meets at a location that is both conducive for holding proper meetings as well as convenient to all the members.


Monserate Chapter Charter Members:

Evelyn Perrine Van Ness – Regent

Rosemary Rickard Pankey – First Vice Regent

Ethel Kell Sinclair (Pat) – Second Vice Regent

Alpha Boone Tipton – Chaplain

Eunice Winder Lowell – Recording Secretary

Jennabell Myers Wilcox – Corresponding Secretary

Zella Darnell Smith – Treasurer

Rosella Gibbs Perry – Registrar

Helen Norris Barker – Historian

Muriel Holmquist Posselt – Librarian

Doris Van Court Crandall

Leona Boegel Crowell

Helen Esther Green

Norma Olin Ireland

Ida Clar La Mon

Eva Fairbanks Norris

Jeanne Pankey Pagett – Junior

Loraine Pankey Folin – Junior