Our Patriot Ancestors


Members in the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution have proven a direct line from someone who gave service to our country during the American Revolutionary War.  

The following is a list of the patriotic ancestors of our chapter members. If your ancestor is listed below, congratulations! You are well on your way to becoming a Daughter! If you don't find your ancestor, or would like to do more research, please visit the National Society's website for membership requirements and the DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) for help locating a Patriot ancestor. You may also contact our chapter.


John Allen, PVT

James Camp, PVT

Oliver Coe, SOL

Amos Dean, PVT

Isaac Ferris, PS

Timothy Holcomb, LT

Thomas Hutcheson, SGT

John James, CPL, SGT

Joseph Knapp, SGT

Caleb Lyon, Sr., PS

Judah Phelps, PVT & FIFER

Noah Manrow, SOL

Jabez Sherwood, PS


Ambrose Ray, PVT

George Burkhart, PVT



Edme Delhomme, PVT



Nehemiah Cooper, PVT

John George, PS

Jeremiah Gray, PS

Robert Gullion, SOL

Zachariah Magruder, PS

Joshua Owings, Jr., PS

Joshua Owings, Sr., LT

William Reily, CAPT

James Rigdon, PVT

Gassaway Watkins, CAPT



Silas Alden, LT

Adams Bailey, CS, PS

Ebenezer Ball, Jr., PVT

Ebenezer Ball, Sr., PVT

James Barker, PVT

Jabez Bigelow, Jr., PVT

Enoch Blasdel, PVT

Nathan Bourne, PVT

Benjamin Buckman, SGT

Joseph Church

Adrian Covenhover, PVT

Sylvanus Damon, PVT

Edward Dorr, PVT 

Simeon Duncan, Sr., PVT

John Fadden, SGT

William Gates, CAPT

Arthur Humphrey, SGT

Ebenezer Humphrey, PVT

Peter Ingersoll, CAPT

Jesse Johnson, PVT

Solomon Jordan, CPL

Aliabe Lyon, PVT

Jirah Martin, PVT

Henry McWhorter, PVT

John McNary, PVT

Josiah Mitchell, MA

Peleg Sherman, MJ, PS

James Small, PVT

Gideon Soule, CPL

William Stearns, PVT

Joseph S. Temple. PVT

Malachi Tower, Sr., PVT

Jonathan Williams, Jr. - PS

Benjamin Winslow, SGT



David Holbrook, PVT



John Atwood, CAPT

Jonathan Atwood, CS, PS

James Barker, PVT

Ruben Barrett, CS, PS

Jacob Blasdel, PVT

John Chadwick, PS

Benjamin Currier, PVT,

James Edgerly, PVT

David Holbrook, PVT

Thomas Hoyt, PVT

Thomas Philbrick Huntoon, PVT

Joseph Lamson, Jr., PVT

Zenas Lebourveau, PVT

Jirah Martin, PVT

Ephraim Morrill, PS

Caleb Sanborn, PS

Jeremiah Sanborn, PVT

Michael Tilton, CPL

Obediah Wells, PVT



William Chambers, LT

Joseph Crane, LT

Joseph Edwards, PVT

John Harding, PVT

Stephen Hunt, COL, PS

Peter Larrison, WAG

John Meeker, Sr., PVT

Henry McWhorter, PVT

Benjamin Peachy, PVT

Cornelius Suydam, PVT

Peter Wikoff, CAPT



Adrian Covenhover, PVT

Matthias Davis, PVT

Frederick F. Dockstader, PVT

Elias Dubois, PVT, PS

Hendricus Dubois, Sr., PS

Johannas Dubois, PS

Solomon Dubois, PVT

John Fadden, SGT

Phillip Feller, PS

Daniel Helm, PVT

Hendrick Herkimer, CAPT, CS, PS

William Hopkins, SOL

Severinus Koch, PVT

Henry McWhorter, PVT.

Charles Robinson, SOL

Jacob Rossman, LT

Abraham Rundle, PVT

Jared Rundle, PVT

Skaats, Reynier, SOL

Peter Weatherwax, PVT



William Allen, PVT

William Blake, PS

James Coffey, PS

William Coffin, PS

Benjamin Cox, PVT

William Lee Davidson, BGEN

James Dale, CS

Jacob Gurley, SOL

Jeremiah Hadley, PS

Jonathan Kidwell, PVT

Gideon Lamb, COL

Thomas Millsap, PVT

William Outlaw, Jr., CAPT

Timothy Riggs, CS

William Sweeney, PVT

Todd Thomas, CS


John Upton, CPL

John Rudolf Waymire, PS

James Youngblood, SOL



Conrad Billman, PVT

George Burkhart, PVT

Peter Coon, PVT

Henry Eckman, PVT

George Findley, SGT

Obediah Holmes, PS, ENS

Daniel Leasure, CAPT

Abraham Leasure, SGT, RNG

Hugh Martin, CAPT

Hugh McDonough, PVT

John McNary, PVT

Philip Null, PVT

John Ober, PVT

Samuel Osborn, PVT

David Owens, PS

Edward Pendergast, SOL

William Reed, PVT

William Rogers, PVT

John Ross, PVT

Andrew Rudy, PS

George Ryan, PS

Philip Shultsbach, PVT

George William Spera, PVT

Philip Spohn, LT

Wendel Trout, PVT

Nathan Warner, Sr., PVT, PS

Jonathan Williams, PS

Jesse Durrett Winn, PVT

Isaac Wiseman, Sr., PS



Ebenezer Cole, Sr., PS

Abel Horton, SGT

William Howland, PVT



John Carroll Adams, SGT

David Anderson, PS

John Blakely, PVT

Isaac Burson, SOL

James Dillard, MAJ

Mary Ramage Dillard, PS

John Dozier, CAPT, CS, PS

John Garrett, PVT, ADJ, CS, PS

William Gaston, CAPT

John Holcombe, PVT

Joseph Ramage, PS



Joel Harmon ENS

Abel Horton, SGT

Benjamin Lyman, PVT

Return Strong, PVT



Joshua B. Allen, SOL

John Beatty, SGT

Joseph Bondurant, PS

James Coleman, SOL

Aaron Collier, PVT

James Crutcher, PVT

Josiah Davisson, PVT

George Dillard, SOL

Aristotle Eldridge, LT

John Everett, PVT

Joshua Fletcher, PVT

Thomas Gilbert, SOL

Agraham Goad, PS

Henry Harris, PVT

Timothy Hixson, CAPT

James Kitchen, PVT

James Laird, ENS

John Lester, PVT

Robert Lusk, PS

Caleb Lyon, Sr.

Aaron Marshall, PVT

James Mayfield, PVT

Micajah Mayfield, PVT

Edward McCallister, SOL

John Meglamre, Sr., PS

Thomas Mills, PVT

Samuel Coleman Morris, PS

Martin Nall, PS

Richard Northcross, PS

James Oakley, SOL

James Oaks, PS

Overton Pennock, PVT

Robert Poor, PS

Daniel Ragon, SGT

Jacob Rooks-berry, PVT

Jacob Smith, PVT

Thomas Staton, PVT

Charles Stewart, PVT, MAR

Return Strong, PVT

Hedgeman Triplett, MAJ

David Walmsley, SPY

John Wilson, PVT

Benjamin Wilson, COL

William Wilson, PS

Jesse Durrett Winn, PVT

James Young, PVT


ADJ - Adjutant

BGEN - Brigadier General

CAPT - Captain

CAV - Cavalry

COL - Colonel

CPL - Corporal

CS - Civil Service

ENS - Ensign

GEN - General

LT - Lieutenant

MAJ - Major

PS - Patriotic Service

PVT - Private

RNG - Ranger

SGT - Sergeant

SOL - Soldier

SPY - Spy

WGN - Wagoneer


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